Our mission is to educate people around China about renewable and also to convince them to use more renewable energy.


  • Educate people about the benefits of renewable and alternative energies.
  • Convince people to use more renewable energies
  • Inform people to companies that sell products related to alternative energies.

3 Year Plan:

1st Year-

· Form sponsorships and relationship between companies and schools
· Create a website that has full information about alternative and renewable energy.
· Start hiring staff and volunteers, who are interest in this topic to join or create clubs in schools to educate students

2nd Year-

· Run conferences and educate about renewable energies.
· Present, introduce ourselves at school
· Continue to make contract with companies and promote ideas to them.
· Advertise around Shanghai

3rd Year-

· Evaluate and develop and new plan and goals for the future.
· Continue work at education center, and continue projects in the school
· Convince the government to use renewable energy so that other people who are not educated could see the benefits
· Bring the ideas or projects that were done by people in Shanghai to other countries or cities to give the world ideas to solve this big issue.

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