endangered because of habitat lost

loss and fragmentation of habitat due to deforestation of bamboo for timber, fuel, tourism and agricultural land

1/3 of the world’s bamboo’s already gone

*There are 2,500 red pandas left on earth

poaching for the pet and fur trades

In Yunnan Province, this type of hat is still desired by newlyweds, because it was regarded as a talisman for a happy marriage in the past.

Also for dusters

it has become extinct in Shanxi, Gansu, Qinghai and Guizhou Province


Physical Characteristics

42 inches

Long bushy tail

Lots of fur even soles of their feet

Thumb like feature for grabbing


Blend into red mosses and white lichens covers themselves with tail in winter

Found in Sichuan, yunnan, Himalayas and Myanmar


Eats bamboo leaves

Eats 45% of body weight

Gives birth to the most 4 babies in 134 days