Welcome to our NGO's main Website! :)

Issues and Background Information

  • Basic info on our NGO, as well as our missions, hopes for the future, and some information of the challenges China is facing today that we hope to be able to help with.

Missions & 3 Year Plan

  • Our goals and how we will acheive our mission, as well as a plan of what we hope to be able to accomplish within the next three years.

Funding Sources

  • Many NGOs require funding to sustain many projects. This page contains how we will get our funding, as well as the people who have help fund us.

Related Links to Other NGO

  • These are links to other NGOs in China or elsewhere who are also fighting for pollution related causes and issues with our dwindling supply of water.


  • Pictures that related to our topic. Many of these photos were taken not too long ago, and some of the environmental problems happening in these pictures are still with us today.

RSS Feeds
  • These are some good sites for keeping up with breaking news on water pollution worldwide.