Background Information of Acid Rain


What is acid rain?

[general information]

Acid rain, what also called as acid precipitation, is the rain and snow that contains more acid than others. Usually we decide the rain as acid if it is under ph 5.6. Sometimes it can be low as ph 2.1, which is the same ph with lemon juice's. The average ph in America is 4.6, which implies that American areas were polluted very much.

[how did it happen?]

It occured mainly because of humans, from factories, vehicles, and coals, and gases produced due to those points can cause acid rain. There are 4 kinds of gases that causes acid rain mainly, they are sulfur dioxide (SO2), carbon monoxide (CO), carbon dioxide (CO2), and nitrogen oxide (NOx).


It can erode from ancient sculptures that made in marble, to modern buildings that made in steel. In addition, it is ruining our environment, a lot of forests were destroyed because of acid rain. Especially in Russia and South America, because there are a lot of forests there, this is serious because it is a reason that causes serious deforestation. For example, 40%of forests in Slovakia were endangered and about to be destroyed due to the acid rain.

[current situation]

It was getting more serious throughout time, and it was one of the main global problems. However, since 1980s, thanks to the great sulfur dioxide emission decrease in Europe and America, it is luckily getting better, and should be removed as fast as possible.


This picture shows how acid rain is formed. (also posted on [photo] part)

Sulfur dioxide (S02)

It is the gas that released from coal burning, fossil fuel usage, and other industrial sources. It is one of the main reasons that cause acid rain. In addition, there is some research about sulfur dioxide that shows it is harmful to our health if we drink it. Causes soil and water pollution if it flows into them.

Info: Wikipedia_sulfur dioxide

Carbon dioxide (CO2)

The main cause of acid rain, and all the global problems. It usually causes greeenhouse effect by making the earth hot, and it is eventually related to global warming. However, it is also a factor that produces acid rain, and it also causes several pollution problems if it flows into our environment.

Info: Wikipedia_carbon dioxide

This picture shows how acid rain works. (also posted on [photo] part)

Carbon monoxide (CO)

it is also produced from the incomplete combustion of fuels and coals. A lot of Chinese people use coals to heat their houses up, but if they burns coal incompletely, carbon monoxide is released instead of carbon dioxide. It is serious to our environment because it can kill the animals and other species by making them unable to breeze. In addition, if it melts into the water or soil, it can cause soil/water pollution and kill animals in there. Also it can affect our bodies directly too, a lot of people died because of carbon monoxide made their lungs unable to get oxygen.

Info: Wikipedia_carbon monoxide

Nitrogen Oxide (NOx)

It is the gas from fossil fuel usage, especially when we use it to ride vehicles. Also one of the reasons that cause acid rain. It has the least effect on the environment compared to other gases, however it is also a factor that causes acid rain so it must be dissapeared.

Info: Wikipedia_Nitrogen oxide

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