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Humans aren't using the land properly in many different ways, from raising live stock to overpopulating it. Humans aren't taking enough responsibility in taking steps to combat this process. Although there are a lot of organizations combating desertification, there still aren't enough people actively contributing to slowing the process down.

Background Info

What is desertification?
Desertification is the process of which productive, fertile land, usually semi-arid areas next to deserts, becomes non-productive land. This is a result of poor land management.


Overgrazing is a major cause, because when livestock constantly graze in one area, the vegetation there dies out faster, leaving the land barren and void of any other vegetation, a major step in the process of desertification.
The destruction of vegetation is also a major cause. When humans cut down trees, or burn trees and vegetation, they help speed up the process of making the the turn into non-productive land by destroying the vegetation and leaving nothing behind.
Incorrect irrigation methods also contribute because when irrigation is done incorrectly, salts can build up in the soil, preventing vegetation from growing.
Overpopulation by humans may force them to overuse the land in the short-term, which prevents them from planning for the future, thus speeding up the process of desertification.

How bad is it

Almost one-third of the earths land is semi-arid. Global warming is predicted to increase the amount of desert by about 17%, putting that area at great risk.

Organizations and desertification

Many organizations, government agencies, and NGO networks are working on trying to slow down and ultimately stop desertification. The UNCCD (United Nation Convention to Combat Desertification) is an organization under the UN dedicated to combating desertification only. China also has the government agency under the title of the National Bureau to Combat Desertification of the State Forestry Administration, which, as the name implies, also combats desertification.