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Funding Sources

Government Agencies

Getting support from government agencies that are interested in our cause can help us receive much needed capital to work on our projects.

Corporate sponsorship

Many companies support a huge range of things and we can use that to our advantage. Also, getting support from major corporations can help us gain publicity, which can get more people interested in our cause.

Charitable Sources


Getting money from charities is a good way to start off. When first starting, there may not be a lot of people, companies, or government agencies willing to give money for our cause. Receiving money from charities is a good way to start off.

Individual Donors

Individual donors are very much appreciated for their generosity. Not a whole lot of individual people are willing to give significant amounts of capital to small organizations like this.

Fund raising

As we have mentioned in the Mission & 3 Year Plan section, this organization plans to hold fundraisers that are aimed at raising awareness and receiving some capital. This method is good for us because this relies only on ourselves and won't get as complicated as if we are to get sponsorship from a corporation.